Prices vary by breed, size, and individual coat type. Contact me today for an estimate. 

Any full service groom can take up to 3 hours.
Dogs are welcome to stay longer


5% off for 2 dogs
10% off for 3 or more dogs
$5-$10 off every appointment 6 weeks or less (please set up well in advance) 

Bath Time Package Includes:
  • Hand massaged shampooing with shampoo customized for your dog
  • Complete hand drying
  • Nail trimming
  • Sanitary shave
  • Ear plucking and or cleaning
  • Paw pads shaved and toes trimmed
  • Thorough brush out
  • Pet safe perfume
:::anal glands expressed by request- no charge:::
:::matting may come with extra charge:::

Shape Ups, Shave Downs, or Styles Include:
  • Everything in the Bath Time Package plus customized full body clipping to any length, or neatening up of feathers, faces, and feet.  
(You are very welcome to bring a picture of what you'd like. Unfortunately pictures of puppies may be impossible to recreate on an adult dog- puppy hair is different from adult hair)

Puppy Starter Package (under 5 months old):
  • Bath with tearless puppy shampoo, brushing, nail trim, and ear cleaning $12
  • Long-haired puppies get face, feet, and sanitary trimming for $6 more  

***A full haircut for a puppy normally runs $10-15 off the adult price*** 

Shampoo Selection:

Argan Oil
Dark coat enhancing
Cucumber and Green Tea
French Lavender and Chamomile
Baby Powder
Fresh and Clean
Oatmeal with Tea Tree Oil

Premium Add-On Services
Add to any Bath or Haircut Package

Teethbrushing and More $12
Healthier teeth and gums includes not only Teethbrushing but also Plaque Preventing Gel and Breath Freshener
Pawdicure $8
Nail Filing rounds rough edges and includes Paw Pad Oil Rub to nourish paws and treat and prevent cracks and damage. Include nail painting for $4 more! 
Deep De-Shed $15-$25 
Unique 3-Step Process removes the maximum amount of undercoat and dead hair. Also includes Shed Control Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Conditioning Treatment $6
Conditioning spray is applied before the bath and then a soothing, creamy conditioner is worked into the coat after shampooing. Finished with hydrating butter.
Flea and Tick Bath $6
Kills all life stages of the flea including eggs. Prevents fleas and ticks for up to 30 days.

Walk-In Services 

Ear Cleaning $5-$8
Toenail clipping $8-$12 (cats and small animals too)
Nail filing $12-$16

All dogs need to be up to date on their Rabies vaccine. The following vaccinations are strongly recommended for pets over 4 months: Bordetella, DPP*. 

I also recommend that your dog be on a current flea and tick prevention program.

*Distemper, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza