Kennel-Free Grooming

Hound Happiness Is:
Being in a quiet, calm environment         
Feeling clean and looking great
Being groomed at a comfortable pace
Interacting with dog or human friends

Getting treats and attention

I care about your pet and how they feel. While they are here I aim to reduce nervousness, build confidence, and promote positive learning. A major part of this, I have come to recognize, is offering the option to be un-kenneled. Most of the facilities I've groomed at in the past required that all dogs be kenneled during their stay. Consequently, I was around panting, whining, and barking dogs- these dogs were nervous.  After I saw dogs in a cage-free environment I was surprised that they were actually quiet and relaxed.  (Of course when a new human comes in it's a time for celebratory barking!)  I believe this is due to the freedom to sniff around and check out their surroundings. It is also important that crates be open to any dog who wishes to retreat to one, and I find that they are much more relaxed when it is their decision to be kenneled. Many shy dogs like to be able to come out and sniff around and check out any sounds and then be able to go back and hang out in the comfort of a kennel. And I know some dogs (and owners) do prefer strict kenneling and that is absolutely fine with me.

  If your dog is not kenneled it will most likely be around other dogs. This is really good for a dog. Dogs are naturally social and most enjoy being around others of their kind. I believe socialization is one of the most important learning experiences and enjoyments a dog can have. And the majority of the time here the interactions between dogs is very low key. They meet each other (very fun time) and then just hang out as a pack. Problems between dogs are really very rare. Most dogs adhere to the canine rules of socializing, but if there is a problem dog, or a dog who is overwhelmed by the pack of dogs, they are safely and securely kenneled. There are always a low number of dogs here at any time to ensure that I not only have as much time as needed for their groom, but also that they are all under proper supervision.

    In short, dogs that are not accustomed to being kenneled in a strange environment love to run free. Those that do like being kenneled love the option to go in and out as they please. The majority of all dogs love meeting other dogs and behave appropriately around them. I always provide the dog with what is best and that is what makes them happy.